Men's Gravel 10" Shorts

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One Short To Rule Them All

Engineered to be perfect on and off the bike, the new and improved Gravel Shorts are our most versatile and lightest shorts to date. Delivering 4-way stretch articulation, an adjustable waist strap and a more comfortable yet tailored fit, the Gravel shorts bridge the gap between casual and performance


    • The new and improved Gravel Shorts, our most versatile and lightest shorts to date, are engineered to be perfect on and off the bike. Size specific with the addition of an internal micro-adjustable waist cinch, stretch articulation and silicon grip on the low back for the perfect stay in place fit. Utilizing an exceptionally breathable, lightweight nylon-spandex blend which delivers amazing touch and a 4X the durability of competing polyester products.The Gravel Shorts provides 4-way stretch articulation which delivers a more comfortable, yet tailored fit and feel, while thigh pockets can be used as vents offering enhanced cooling when temperatures rise. These shorts will deliver whatever adventure lies ahead.
      1. Lightweight, breathable 4-way stretch Nylon-Spandex blend fabric is exceptionally quick drying
      2. Waist specific sizing with the addition of an internal waist cinch system for clean look and perfect fit, on or off the trail
      3. Silicone grip on elastic waistband
      4. Gusseted crotch for exceptional freedom of movement
      5. 6 versatile pockets, 5 sized to fit your latest technology
      6. 2 zippered thigh pockets can also act as vents while a rear pocket features a hidden zippered pocket
      7. Locker loop for convenient hanging
      8. Athletic trim fit
      9. Men’s 10” inseam
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    • Appropriate Washing + A Little TLC = Rain Gear Long Life

      Our products are of the highest quality available on the market, but failure to properly care for even the best outerwear can cause it to die an untimely death. Here are some tips to prolonging the life of your waterproof outerwear.

      1. Wash your gear! Pollutants like dirt, sweat, road grime, and sunscreen can gunk up zippers (causing them to stick or break), and cause waterproof membranes to deteriorate. We generally recommend that daily commuters wash their jackets once a month or so. Machine wash on the gentle cycle, with COLD water and hang dry. We recommend using liquid detergent, because powders can leave a residue if they do not dissolve completely. Avoid products with fabric softeners or bleach. Nikwax Tech Wash works great for our gear.
      2. Do not expose to excessive heat. Seam tape can fall apart in a dryer, and it is not a pretty sight. Excessive heat (even a car dashboard in the summer) can also cause multi-layered waterproof fabrics to delaminate.
      3. Store with care. Just because a garment can stuff into its own pocket or stuff sack does not mean it wants to live that way all the time. Hang it up or lay it flat between uses; and make sure it dries completely.
      4. Be kind to your zippers. We sometimes use 2-way zippers for venting, and water-resistant zippers to keep you extra dry. Both of these features can make the zippers harder to operate. Please be gentle with them. In our experience, yanking on them repeatedly will only make them angry. For the occasional extra-sticky spot, we've found that regular pencil graphite rubbed on the zippers teeth is a good lubricant. (Just don't wear it over a white shirt that day!)
      5. Spot treat stains. If you have a really tough stain, spot cleaning with liquid dish detergent can help. Never use bleach or harsh chemicals to clean your jacket. To protect the interior of a jacket from stains, be sure to wash new shirts, jerseys and arm warmers before wearing them underneath your jacket to prevent colors from depositing onto the lining.
      6. Perk up your DWR. The DWR (Durable Water Repellant) finish on the outside of a fabric is what makes the water bead and roll off. Over time it will begin to wear or wash off. Don't despair. Look for spray-on treatments made for waterproof-breathable fabrics like NikWax TX Direct Spray on Treatment to perk up the DWR. This maximizes the ability of the waterproof-breathable membrane inside the fabric to do its job


      Should I put my Showers Pass gear in the dryer?

      We do not recommend machine drying gear. Excess heat can damage the fabrics and seam tape on waterproof outerwear, and reflective detailing on socks will lasts longer when line dried. Air drying is also the more environmentally friendly option.

      What detergent should I use?

      Choose a liquid detergent and avoid products with fabric softeners or bleach. Nikwax Tech Wash works great for our gear.

      Specific Questions?

      Email us at info@showerspass.com

      Call us at 1-800-557-5780

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