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Women's Waterproof Jackets

Developed with cycling DNA, Showers Pass Women's waterproof jackets offer functional design features that work to shield you from the elements and provide you with options to keep you comfortable in the saddle. We also believe that a cycling jacket is much more than just a cycling jacket, and that's why we offer styles suited for all your outdoor pursuits.

Our women's waterproof jackets are engineered to be the ultimate combination of form and function. Developed in rainy Portland, OR, we offer a variety of styles and fits to ensure you're protected from the elements while staying comfortable in all your outdoor pursuits.

At A Glance

Exceptional Construction

As leaders of technical innovation in the outdoor outerwear industry, we believe in creating clothing that can endure the harshest of weather. Our women's waterproof jackets are built from premium materials that are highly durable, waterproof, and breathable so you can stay dry and comfortable.

High Visibility

Whether you're out on the trail or commuting in town, we understand the importance of visibility— especially at night or in the rain. That's why all of our women's waterproof jackets are specifically tailored with 3M reflective trim.


All our women's waterproof jackets are built to be fiercely weather-proof while also maintaining high breathability. Each women's waterproof jacket combines breathable fabric with technically designed ventilation. So whether you're walking or running, cycling or mountain biking, you can be confident you'll stay dry without overheating.

The best journey starts with the best gear.

All day comfort and performance that works with you, not against you.