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Design Ethos

Design Ethos

Our design philosophy revolves around 4 core tenets:


What is the intended use? Bike-commuting, cycling, hiking, paddling, mountaineering, running, do-it-all, casual-urban use? This starting question helps guide us in the design process, innovating useful features that add to the usefulness of the product at hand. Every activity has its unique considerations.


Function dictates fit. The requirements of what makes a good running jacket are different than those of a jacket for riding a bike. For example, a jacket with an on-bike fit where the rider is in more of a bent-over position, requires a longer tail, shorter front, and slightly longer arms to accommodate the position. These small adjustments add up to create a drastic effect on the performance of the product.


Does the jacket need to be windproof, and light for a professional cycling champion? What about durable, dependable, and long-lasting for the everyday bike commuter? What about light and breathable for a runner? Our choice of fabrics, membranes, and features all affect the performance of our products and are not lightly decided.


Our products are carefully tailored for performance and equally weighted for sustainability. From using innovative materials that help drastically decrease the energy consumption needed for production or elimination of harmful PFOS chemicals, sustainability is always front of mind.


Our institutional Knowledge:

It’s no accident that we have seeded a reputation of creating highly rated, long lasting outerwear and apparel. We’ve been at it for over 25 years designing over 400+ products. Through the adoption of new technologies and materials or with the addition innovative features, we’ve incrementally made our products better over the decades and many iterations.

As you can tell a lot goes into designing a sustainable quality, long-lasting, high-performance product. We don’t get caught up in trends or need to use branded fabrics to achieve a high level of performance and quality. We strive to strike the right balance of performance, value, quality and dependability.