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Shop Men's apparel from Showers Pass. Our gear combines feature-rich designs with high-performance fabrics to provide refuge from the elements. Crafted to endure the most challenging outdoor pursuits without sacrificing breathability or comfort.

Men's Waterproof Outerwear

Developed with cycling DNA, Showers Pass men's rain jackets offer functional design features that work to shield you from the elements and provide you with options to keep you comfortable through your outdoor adventures.

2 year warranty on outerwear. Guaranteed to last.

Men's Technical Apparel

Our baselayers are made with natural fibers for the best combination of warmth, durability, and odor resistance. Combine that with our moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and highly breathable shorts for ultimate comfort and performance on the trails.

Guaranteed to last. 1 year warranty on apparel.

Gear for every activity

Not quite sure what you're looking for? Shop by activity instead for specially curated gear that will best suit your needs.

The leaders in waterproof innovation

Multi-functional waterproof gear ready for any adventure.

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Made for the Outdoors

Get the most from the great outdoors with Showers Pass' men's all-weather apparel. Each piece is crafted with technical innovation and tailored to meet the demands of active lifestyles. No weather is bad weather when you have the right gear.

Fully waterproof

Tested in the rainy streets and muddy trails of the Pacific Northwest, our men's apparel is built to withstand the wettest of days. Crafted from premium-quality, lightweight, waterproof material to provide full protection from the elements without sacrificing on breathability.

built to last

As leaders in the technical outerwear industry, we've built a reputation for reliable gear over the past 25 years. All of our men's outdoor apparel, from our gloves to our rain pants, are crafted for maximum durability so you can adventure care-free.