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Learn about Showers Pass Dealer store updates

We're excited to announce that the Showers Pass Dealer Store has received several significant updates with new features and a completely updated catalog, including over one hundred available products.


What's new as of 03/01/2024

    • Customers set up with dealer access on our site will see automatically adjusted fixed prices upon logging in at
    • Net 30 terms are offered by default, and terms are shown during checkout or pay at the time of order.
    • Transparent order management and history shows payment terms and status on a per-order basis.
    • Dealers can have multiple company buyers with individual logins and permissions.
    • Dealers can have multiple company locations with records for each location.
    • Secure vaulted credit card storage is available for multiple company buyers to share when making purchases.
    • Drop shipping is available to US-based addresses.
    • All orders ship for a $10 flat rate charge.