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About Showers Pass

Our Mission

Our mission is to outfit for whatever adventure you may be after. Whether it’s a micro-adventure of going for a wet, wintery run or a mega-adventure hiking the Oregon Coast Trail. We believe that weather should not be a limiting factor in getting people outside and enjoying the wondrous biome of Cascadia.

Company History

The Need for Innovation

Legend has it that when going for a ride down Showers Pass Road in Humboldt County California the conditions would change by the mile. From sunshine illuminating rolling golden hills to sheets of rain when riding through the dense, forested peaks as one rode towards the sea. The dichotomy of the beautiful scenery yet the challenging weather inspired Dave Morrow to create a jacket that could withstand the variety of elements the aptly named Showers Pass Road had to offer. This was the origin of our iconic Elite Jacket and the dawn of Showers Pass Outerwear and Apparel.

Dave used the 100-mile ride with 12,000 feet gain across the variety of microbiomes and weather that could be found along the way as the proving grounds for the “Elite Century” as he tinkered with the design. Eventually a batch of 125 “Century elite jackets” was ordered from a local kayak paddle sports apparel company. These immediately sold out and showed the demand for technical, lightweight, breathable weather protection.

The big move.

Riding the early momentum Dave moved the company to beautiful Portland, Oregon in 2005 and secured additional funding to build the foundation of Showers Pass. In the decades that followed we have launched over 200+ products building a name for ourselves in the cycling community of the Pacific Northwest. All over PNW cities all-season riders and bikecommuters can be seen in Showers Pass gear.

Our steadfast, feature-heavy “cycling” outerwear quickly made a reputation for itself as being dependable no matter the activity on hand. Our outerwear became sought after by rowers and paddlers, mountaineers, hikers, equestrian riders, park rangers, tour guides, and emergency responders. Insights from these customers helped to guide us as we used our expertise in waterproof outerwear to develop products outside our original niche in cycling.

Future forward.

In 2018 we launched our mountain bike line of shorts, pants, bags, and baselayers. In 2022 we launched our running line with the Cloudburst Collection and hiking line with the Timberline Collection. In 2024 we launched Cross Point Gear, a spin-off of our popular waterproof Gloves, socks gear, and accessories.

Since 1997 we have stayed true to our roots of manufacturing long-lasting, quality gear designed to withstand whatever elements nature throws at you. Through the decades we've continued innovating, designing outerwear and apparel that strikes the optimal balance of weather protection, technical fit, and sustainability for whatever the day’s adventure may be.