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Women's Winter Cycling Gear

Crosspoint Ultralight Waterproof Socks
$50.00 $59.00
Women's Transit Pant
Packable rain pant for commuting and unexpected weather
$172.00 $203.00
Crosspoint Waterproof Beanie
$47.00 $55.00
Women's Elite 2.1 Jacket
The last word in waterproof cycling jackets
$326.00 $384.00
Crosspoint Essentials Waterproof Socks: Horizon
$35.00 $41.00
Women's Crosspoint Wind Glove TS
$77.00 $91.00
Elite Cycling Cap
$48.00 $56.00

At A Glance

The best journey starts with the best gear.

All day comfort and performance that works with you, not against you.