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Sustainable Apparel

Men's Syncline CC Jacket
Lightweight Waterproof Shell with generous helping of reflective trims
Women's Syncline CC Jacket
Lightweight Waterproof Shell with generous helping of reflective trims
Men's Gravel 10" Shorts
Our most versatile and lightest shorts to date
From $125.00 $131.00
Men's Cross Country 11.5" Shorts
From $84.00 $125.00
Men's Transit Pant
Packable rain pant for commuting and unexpected weather
We've rounded up our most eco-friendly jackets, pants, and tops with features like Clean Color Dyes, Recycled fabrics, and Responsible Wool Standard Certified Merino Wool.

At A Glance

Clean Color

Garments with our Clean Color designation use bluesign® dyes. An independent standard, the bluesign® system works to combat the environmental impacts of textile dyeing by uniting the entire textile supply chain, eliminating substances posing risks to people and the environment.

Recycled Materials

We've committed to maximizing the amount of recycled fabric and components in our garments that uses man-made materials. More and more of our line now feature recycled fabrics, zippers, and other components. As a result, we're reducing energy used to produce new materials, and repurposing what would otherwise become waste in the environment. You can see how much of a garment is recycled on a product detail page or on its tag.

Responsible Wool

Our newest Merino additions, and all Merino wool products we introduce moving forward, are Responsible Wool Standard certified. The humane treatment of animals, which we believe is self-evident, is part of our commitment to environmental justice. Additionally, the best wool quality is only produced from healthy sheep, who in turn graze on healthy pasture and land.

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