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6 Reasons to take your Mom Cycling this Mother's Day

Your mom has gone through more than you'll ever know to help you become the person you are today. Here are six reasons why a well-planned bike ride with your mom is the perfect way to show her you care.

1. She Wants to Spend Time With You

Whether you live around the block or hundreds of miles away, all your mom really wants to do on Mother's Day is be with you. Setting up a special activity, just the two of you, gives her the quality time she's been craving.

2. Cycling is Simple and Fun

You don't have to plan a day akin to a mountain stage of the Tour de France (unless that's what your mom wants!). Find a route that's level, safe, and scenic. Give your bikes a quick tune before going out so that rusty chains or low tires don't spoil the fun.

3. Explore in a New Way

Create a destination on your route such as a park, coffee shop, or art gallery. Lock up the bikes and enjoy the pleasure of experiencing a local spot in a new way. This will also give you and mom a chance to stretch your legs for the pedal home.

4. Stay Active Together
Staying active provides a treasure trove of health benefits for all ages. Cycling together shows your mom you care about her health, and your own too. Let mom set the pace on the way home, and take stops as needed to rest or explore.

5. Make a New Memory

Cycling is an activity that most of us learn when we're young, and it carries memories of sunny afternoons, wind in our hair, a smile on our face. Make a new memory with mom now that you're both a little older, but still young at heart.

Mountain Biking is a great Mother's day activity
6. Start a Tradition
With your first annual Mother's Day bike ride in the books, why not make it a tradition? Every year can be a new route and new destination, or return to the same spot to pile up the memories in a familiar place.

No matter how long the ride or what the destination is, your mom will be thrilled to have you all to herself on her special day.